Guru’s Dharma Is That of Liberation – Swami Nirmohatma Jnana Thapaswi


Pothencode: Swami Nirmohatma Jnana Thapaswi, the Vice President of Santhigiri Ashram said that Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru’s ideology is one of unity and liberation and that it has great relevance in the present times when the world is going through various crises. The Swami was speaking on the seventh day of Satsang organized as part of the 39th Sannyasa Deeksha anniversary celebration. The Swami informed the audience that the Prime Minister of India had a message congratulating the 22 girls who were newly entering the Sannyasa Sangha in Santhigiri. With the entry of the new Sannyasinis, there will be 126 sannyasins in the Gurudharma Prakasa Sabha in Santhigiri. It will give a new impetus to the society. The Prime Minister has pointed out that the Guru’s aim was to empower women. There should be thousands of Sannyasis like them to spread the Guru’s teachings to the whole world.

In 1984, the Sannyasa Deeksha ceremony at Santhigiri started by giving Deeksha to 31 disciples. The Grihasthashrama Sangha should act as the core of the Ashram. Swami remembered the history of sacrifices in the early days and described the beginning of the Ashram. The first deity in the makeshift prayer room (in 1964) was Sri Narayana Guru on the left, Murukan in the middle, and Rishi Shirdi Saibaba on the right. Once upon a time, many people used to come, and they didn’t know who and what the Guru was. The Sankalpa Pratishtha (the prayer symbol), which we see today, its foundation stone was laid in 1986. The consecration took place In 1989.

The Swami explained the importance of Pournami prayer and Vratam, the unique experiences, and characteristics associated with the full moon Vratam, and said that through prayer we can remove evil spirits. The Swami narrated how by consuming Theertham and Vibhuti people got rid of severe diseases. He gave an interesting account of how he had the rare fortune to be with the Guru since 1971 and took Sannyasa in 2001. Since then, his family has also seen prosperity and change, he stated. Swami said that when we devote our lives to the movement and the Guru, the Guru takes care of our family with more care than we do.

VK Ullas shared his experience of how his father got cured and came back to life by Guru’s grace. S. Shyam Kumar, Sr. Convener of Santhigiri Vishwasamskriti Kalarangam, welcomed the gathering, and Ajo Jose, Senior Convener of Santhigiri Grihasthashrama Sangham, expressed the vote of thanks.

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