Santhigiri Avadhutha Yatra – Day 2


VARKALA: The Avadhutha Yatra Sangham will reach Varkala in the morning today. This is the second day of Santhigiri’s Avadhuta Yatra which tries to relive the sacrifices of Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru. Prayers will be offered at the Varkala Papa Nasham beach, a place where Guru often visited and meditated.

The Yatra will proceed to Shivagiri Mutt at 11 AM, the unforgettable tapasthali of Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru, before he established Santhigiri Ashram. Guru had served here for 17 years. He built a thatched hut near Shivagiri Mutt with coconut fronds and bamboo sticks on a piece of land donated by a wellwisher. That was the beginning of Santhigiri movement. Today there is a temple named Prashantigiri here run by a private trust.

At around 11 PM, the Yatra will arrive at Kadakkavur Kudhivila Ashram, where Guru had consecrated Sri Narayana Guru. The next destination will be the places where Guru had spiritual experiences during his Avadhutha period. The group will reach Shankhumukham Beach at 5 pm. After prayers, the Yatra will reach Valiyathura Bridge at 7 o’clock. Then at 9 pm, the group will reach Bima Palli. After spending the night at Bima Palli today, the journey will resume tomorrow, the third day of the Avadhutha Yatra.

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