A Mother Who Knew the Pain of Fostering Than the Birthpain


Chandirur: Santhigiri Ashram President Swami Chaitanya Jnana Thapasvi said that Navjyoti Sri Karunakara Guru’s mother Karthyayani Amma was a mother who knew the pain of bringing up, than the pain of giving birth.

The Swami was addressing the pilgrims when the Avadhutha Yatra, which left Chandirur this morning, reached the Karthyayani Mandiram, where the Guru’s mother spent her last days. We came to know the greatness of Guru’s birth through the visions of that mother who struggled to feed her baby. Guru is a son who saw his mother’s grief as his own and went to work as a helper in a rope factory. He told his uncle not to marry his mother again, but no one listened to the boy’s words. Guru was always there as a support in the ocean of mother’s grief. Guru knew every phase of that life. It was Santhimon who gave his mother a place to stay during her last days.

Karthyayani Mandiram was built on the property bought in the name of Guru’s mother. Guru came to this house from Pothencode to see his sick mother for the last time. Swami said that there is a story of divine maternal love behind Guru’s upholding the glory of family ties, which is another lesson for the coming generation.

Guru’s younger brother Sri Aravindan and family members welcomed the Avadhutha Sangham. Ravindran gave an introductory talk about Guru’s mother and Karthayani Mandiram. Aravindan told about mother’s last days and Guru’s visit to her. With eyes and hearts full, the group returned to Ezhupunna.

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