Ezhupunna Bhajana Mutt: The Shelter of Guru


Ezhupunna: A land brimming with love for Guru for six and a half years. After his father’s death, Guru’s mother was married for the second time to Ezhupunna. The Bhajana Mutt at Ezhupunna was the refuge of the Guru during his childhood full of sorrow. Guru loved to come to the Bhajana Mutt. Guru also had many childhood friends in Ezhupunna. It was from here that Guru used to go to work in the coir factory and did some other work.

When the Avadhuta Yatra traveling through the Guru’s sacrificial lands reached Ezhupunna, Guru’s younger brother NK Aravindan, family members, and locals received the group with reverence. Aravindan told the pilgrims about the innocence of the Guru’s mother, Karthyayani Amma, and how she had seen the Gurusthaniya Shishya Poojita in her darshan and narrated it in the language of the common people. He added that this is a land with many experiences related to Guru and many elderly people here who cherish and love Guru. Santhigiri’s present good fortune is the result of the snow and sun suffered by Guru. Ashram General Secretary Swami Gururatnam Jnana Thapasvi said that the mission of Guru has grown and evolved and has become an unparalleled spiritual history through Ashrams and Avadhuths.

After reciting the kirtan beginning with ‘Satguruve Jaya’, chanting the Akhanta Nama and sankalpam, the group continued the journey from Ezhupunna to Alappuzha.

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