Will Power and Social Commitment are the Bedrock of Sannyasa- Minister Antony Raju


Pothencode: A Sannyasi’s life is meaningful and complete only when they are able to find a balance between service and contemplative life, said Transport Minister Antony Raju. Today is a world where people seek mercifulness and a Sannyasi needs to acquire the strength to embrace those who seek compassion. The ashrams should become oases of compassion, the Minister said. He was inaugurating the Sannyasa Deeksha Annual celebration at Santhigiri Ashram. He. congratulated the 22 sannyasinis who were initiated into Sannyasa by Abhivandhya Sishyapoojitha Amritha Jnana Thapaswini, the Gurusthaniya of Santhigiri Ashram.
Self-dedication is the foundation of the ascetic life. It is not an option for everyone. The Sannyasi kindles the flame of devotion. Those who lead a life of asceticism should be able to ignite that flame in others and enlighten society. Sannyasa life itself is a symbol of sacrifice, peace, non-violence, and simplicity. There is no space for hatred and unrest in that. That is not what society expects from the ascetic community, Will power and social commitment are the bedrock of the ascetic life. Renunciates are the sources of energy that give spiritual strength to society. The society expects the warmth and simplicity of God’s love from the ascetics. Sannyasa-life is meaningful when the lifestream of brotherly love flows from the fountain of love, the Minister said and extended his warm greetings to those who have become Jnana Thapaswis. He hoped that the 22 Bramhacharini sisters would be able to become prophets of love and messengers of mercy.

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