A new Digital platform supporting business communication.


Vivek P V, Mumbai

Mumbai : The technology, called ‘Jodo World’, built by Avhan Technologies, a Mumbai company is a cloud-based communication platform for business processing. The platform allows a company’s employees and customers to communicate with each other using audio, video or text on the company’s existing website on a regular browser, sparing the need for specialised software or apps.
Mr. Anand Awasthi, CEO, Avhan Technologies believes that this technology could play a critical role in healthcare with patients calling in for queries or can also come up as a facilitators for rural areas to do online consultation with doctors on a real-time basis. Most importantly, the users can communicate via the website in diverse languages. It also offers a real-time translation support. This tech could be a great relief to lots of customers who are unable to connect to customer care services or support desks during the current lockdown as the employees of the call centers are unavailable to answer calls. This platform allows the call center employees to answer calls made to company’s phone number through company’s website from home.

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