Special Report on Need for Blood:


Dr. Vijay Kumar, Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Hospital Sector is badly affected as blood banks are dried up due to lack of donors during the covid-19 crisis and lockdown period.  This is a need of the hour situation. As there is restriction of social distancing, blood banks are strictly adhering to the same and some voluntary organizations are coming forward to motive the people for blood donation by following slots. There are several government authorised blood banks facing need for blood. There are patients who suffer from thalassemia, pregnant ladies, and trauma cases where there is need of blood transfusion. There are several voluntary organizations coming forward to donate blood which is a great initiation helping the blood banks. There is one such voluntary organization. Under the banner of JCI VIZAG SMART, Visakhapatnam, Mrs. Maya Choraria (President) requests all volunteers who are coming forward to donate blood in equipped blood banks who are encouraging such move and by taking all precautions, and the blood banks are giving slots that comply with social distancing norms as well.  JCI VIZAG SMART started this service from past one week and there is good response from volunteers as well.   With lot of positive energy and a desire to help the community anythinug can be possible, proven by Maya Choraria and team and Someone said it right “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart”.

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