Avadhutha Yatra At Marutwamala, a Place Full of Spiritual Vitality


It was an indescribable scene and experience atop the serene Marutvamala for the Santhigiri Avadhuta Yatra team. They could see far below Kanyakumari, the Statue of Thiruvalluvar standing tall in the sea, Vivekananda Rock, the Arabian Sea, and the fields below.

Marutva Mala has a bounty of medicinal plants. It is the sacred place where Rishi Agastya, Sree Narayana Guru, and Chattambi Swami had observed penance to realize spiritual truth. Pillathadam, the small cave where Sri Narayana Guru used to meditate is preserved here. Marutwamala is a cluster of three mountains, Pillathadam cave is located in the third one. The way to the top is tough, as there is no proper way. Sri Narayana Guru had done penance here for six years. At that time, Marutwamala was surrounded by thorn forests. There was plenty of wildlife including tigers and venomous snakes. Marutvamala is only eleven kilometers from Nagercoil on the way to Thiruvananthapuram. This area is known as Pothatadi. There are small temples and houses at the base of the hill.

During his quest for truth, Guru visited Marutwamala several times for prayers and meditation. Marutwamala is a favorite spot for ascetics. It is said that 18 Siddhas performed penance here. There should be the infinite mercy of the great gurus who came here, in search of truth. Even if the Avadhuth is over, its glory should be preserved. Swami Gururatnam Jnana Thapasvi said addressing the Yatris at the Satsang held there. ‘This ashram spreads the fragrance of purity’, said the Swami after visiting the Marutvamala Ashram, run by Shivagiri Mutt.

Places like this evoke spiritual vibrations in man. The basic thing in Bhakti is unshakable faith. The unique truth of Santigiri emanates as we go through the places, where Guru traveled. This is the place where Pattani Swami corrected his experience, Ashram President Swami Chaitanya Jnana Thapasvi told the group.

The Incharge of Marutwamala Ashram, Swami Arupananda exhorted Guru’s disciples to follow his path to fulfill the aim of human birth.

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