Delhi Waqf Board designates graveyard for COVID -19 Victims


Vivek PV, New Delhi

New Delhi : In view of the major problem faced by people in paying last rites to COVID-19 victims, the Delhi Waqf Board has designated one of its graveyards for the burial of those, who have passed away due to the virus. “As you are aware that we are facing a hard time due to the spread of COVID-19 and its effects, There are so many difficulties emerging on daily basis. One of the major problem faced by the public is to pay the last rites of COVID-19 victims, It has been reported that due to the lack of information, the general public is not allowing to bury the victims of COVID-19 in graveyards of Delhi, which is unfortunate,” Delhi Waqf Board CEO SM Ali said in a letter to Secretary (Health), Delhi government. “In order to facilitate the last rites o f COVID-19 victims, the office of Delhi Waqf Board is pleased to designate one of its graveyard a s ‘COVID-19 graveyard’. The graveyard is situated a t Ring Road near Millennium Park and known a s ‘Jadeed Qarustaan’. This graveyard may be used for the burial of COVID -19 victims,” the letter added. Ali mentioned that the letter has been issued with the approval of PR Secretary (Revenue) and in consultation with the members of Delhi Waqf Board. With 40 deaths and 1035 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, India on Saturday witnessed the sharpest ever increase in coronavirus cases, taking the tally of the infected people in the country to 7447 , according to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.



Souce : ANI

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