M K Raghavan MP from kerala approached supreme court seeking help for Indian citizens stranded in gulf countries

Vivek P V

Mk Raghavan , in his plea asked supreme court to give directions to central govt to facilitate evacuation of Indian citizens who are stranded at GCC nations-Saudi Arabia, Quatar, UAE, Barain and Oman It said the government should be directed to depute medical team(s) to GCC nations to ensure that adequate medical assistance is provided to those “who are infected by COVID-19 with due regard to the laws and regulations of such nations”. The plea has also sought a direction to the concerned authorities to “ensure that the
citizens who are not stranded in GCC nations are quarantined and provided all medical and health facilities” as  prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The plea said many people from Kozhikode in Kerala, the petitioner MP’s constituency, are working in foreign countries especially in GCC nations.”The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused widespread disruptions in the lives of Indian citizens at home and abroad, especially those stranded in Gulf countries,” it said.
It said Raghavan has contacted several airlines which have expressed their desire and willingness to ensure safe
return of Indians stranded in GCC nations.

“However, this proved to be futile as the Indian airspace has been shut since the outbreak of COVID-19. Therefore, Indians continue to be stranded despite several gracious offers being made by airline operators to assist their return from the GCC nations,” it said.

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