In Battle Against Covid-19, PM Modi Wants Every Indian to Make These 7 Promises


Announcing extension of coronavirus lockdown till May 3 with stricter curbs for a week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday mentioned seven promises that he requested every Indian to make for battling the deadly virus.

The seven promises are:

1) Take care of elders, especially the ones who have existing ailments – The PM’s first pledge focuses on care for senior citizens, especially those with weaker immune systems, as they have been identified as the most vulnerable group to coronavirus. The government had on Monday also released a special advisory related to 16 crore senior citizens in India, asking them not to go to markets or for routine health check-ups.

2) Follow social distancing: Earlier too, in his first ‘Mann ki Baat’ after announcing the 21-day lockdown, PM Modi stressed upon “increasing social distancing but reducing emotional distancing”.

3) Use home-made masks: This is the second time that PM Modi has sent across the message of using face shields made at home. During th April 11 meeting with Chief Ministers through video conferencing, the Prime Minister was seen wearing a gamcha — a cotton scarf he usually wears — as a face cover for the first time in public.

4) Improve your immunity and download Aarogya setu mobile app for assistance: Aarogya Setu, a mobile app developed by the ministry of electronics and IT to help citizens identify their risk of contracting the novel coronavirus, has been at the top of the popularity listings on the Play Store as well as Apple’s own App Store for the iPhone ever since PM Modi requested citizens to download it last week. It is aimed at primarily tracking the community transmission and tracing the contact and travel history of individuals that are quarantined, infected or suspected of being susceptible to the virus.

5) Take as much care of poor families as you can, especially try to fulfill their food requirements.

6) Be compassionate towards the people who work with you in your business or industry. Do not deprive them of their livelihood.

7) Pay utmost respect to our nation’s Corona Warriors – our doctors and nurses, sanitation workers and police force.

Source: News18

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