Villagers attack Cops & Medical Team- Bihar


Vivek, Delhi

Villagers attack police, medical team sent to spread awareness on COVID-19 in East Champaran.

East Champaran ,Bihar, Locals of a village in Harsidhi blocked and attacked a medical and police team who went there to spread awareness on coronavirus and urge villagers to follow lockdown guidelines and social distancing. According to SDO Dhirendra Mishra, security personnel and a health manager were injured in the attack. “We had received complaints that people were not practising social distancing and not following the lockdown guidelines in the village. Due to this, a police team TAGS East Champaran .Villagers attack police and medical team Bihar spread awareness COVID-19 coronavirus along with the medical team went there to make them aware of the infection and the dangers it posed.

However, the situation turned heated,” Mishra told reporters here. “However, the administration team showed restraint and came out of there, meanwhile, a health manager and a bodyguard along with some other security personnel received injuries in the incident. We are keeping an eye on the situation,” he added. Bihar (/topic/bihar), so far, has 70 confirmed cases of COVID-19 (/topic/covid-19), including one death, according to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Wednesday.


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