Covid-19 preventive guidelines put forth by the Chief Minister of Kerala



Kerala is on the journey of its recovery numbers eclipsing the virus affected list with nearly four times the number of new COVID-19 positive cases figuring on the recovery list on Thursday. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who briefed media about the day’s development, said that every district had been asked to prepare it’s own COVID-19 containment and mitigation action plan, which had to be implemented by the local self-governments along with the Health Department.

1) All the patients who had been discharged after COVID-19 treatment and their family members should remain in quarantine for another 14 days in their own homes and avoid social interaction with others.

2) Five districts are placed under the 3rd zone which includes Palakad, Wayanad, Alappuzha, Thiruvananthapuram and Thrissur.

3) kottayam and Idukki are in the 4th zone.

4) wearing masks while outside is mandatory.

5) Industrial and Plantation sectors are exempted from lockdown.

6)Fertilizer shops and Cooperative sector are allowed to reopen.

7) Krishi Bhavan, Village Office, Akshaya centres will be functioning.

8) Telemedicine services are made available to Senior citizens.

9) Ayurveda and Homeo Hospitals could all open and function as usual.

10) Employers from private hospital are eligible for the recruitment in the fields.

11) The local bodies should have a special plan of action on how they would manage the local hotspots in their jurisdiction.

12) Construction sectors are also exempted.

13) Barber shops are instructed to open on Saturdays and Sundays.

14) Primary Health care centre are entrusted with the distribution of Telemedicines.

15) Plumbers and Electricians are allowed to work.

16) Flour mills and coconut oil mills have the permission to function.

17) Food services to homes from the Anganvadi are extended to until May 15.

Courtsey : Asianet News

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