Avadhutha Yatra: Performs Meditation at Kumarthupadi



Chandirur: The Yatris meditated on the soft soil at the foot of the Peepal tree near the Kumarthupadi temple. A silent prayer for God’s will to be done. These were the rare moments of Avadhuta Yatra. After returning from the Ernakulam Palarivattam branch, Avadhutayatra reached Guru’s family temple Kumarthupadi around 4 pm. Guru received a word (ashareeri) from God first from here. As a child, Guru used to visit this temple with his mother and grandmother. Once Guru refused to go back home from the temple. Those days many people thought that the boy Karunan Kunju, who communicated only with the light inside his heart, was dumb. Guru wanted to tell his grandmother about this at the Kumarthupadi temple. But as soon as the thought came, he received an akashic warning, “Don’t tell them anything now”. Guru had shared this experience many times with his disciples, which was very important in Guru’s life. The Kumarthupadi temple has become an important place in the Avadhutha Yatra being held on the eve of Navoli Jyotir Dinam, the day of Guru’s physical departure. After offering prayers in front of the temple, Ashram President Swami Chaitanya Jnana Thapasvi explained to the group about the Guru’s experiences at the family temple and the importance of Avadhutha Yatra.

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