Avadhuta Yatra Reaches Vanchipura


Chandirur: A Shishya’s journey through the Guru’s childhood memories. The disciples would not have made such a journey through the paths of any Acharya who has come to this day. It becomes another spiritual history as one travels through the twenty-five places that have provided spiritual experiences, starting with the sacred place of Guru’s birth.

The Avadhutha Yatra of the Shishya Parampara of Santhigiri Ashram on the eve of Nava Oli Jyotir Dinam, the 25th Remembrance Day of Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru began this morning at Chandirur. After visiting Kaladi Advaita Ashram and Kumarthupadi Family temple, the group consisting of Sannyasi-Sannyasini, Brahmachari-Brahmacharinis, and householders went to Vanchipura, which had witnessed Guru’s pains.

Vanchipura is on the south side of Chandirur Janma Griham. Guru would have come here to seek some relief from the sorrows that filled his mind during his pitiful childhood. Guru did not even remember his father. He was completely alone in his childhood full of hardships. Guru had come here to see his uncle who was working in a coir factory. After reaching Vanchipura, the Avadhutha Sangham offered prayers and left for Karthyayani Mandiram.

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