Avadhutha Sangham at Kodithooki Hills, the Place of Guru’s First Vision


Aruvipuram was a dense forest where wild animals roamed. Kodithooki Hill is situated near Aruvipuram Temple. This is the place chosen by Sri Narayana Guru for meditation. Tigers and wild animals stood near the Guru who was absorbed in meditation. It is believed that he had the darshan of Subramanian Swamy here. One has to climb more than 300 steps from the temple to reach the Kotithooki hill. A beautiful view of Neyyatinkara can also be seen from this hill. Here there is the cave where the Guru did penance, apart from Bhairavan Swami Mandapam of one of his disciples and the old priest of Aruvipuram.

Santhigiri Ashram founder Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru during his spiritual journey served at Aruvipuram Ashram of Sri Narayana Guru. He observed penance for forty-one days at Kotithookki Hill. He sat there for a few minutes looking at the infinite sky and praying. He hardly had any time to sit there for more than ten minutes. On the fortieth day, Guru saw the figure of a man whom he had not known before. Seeing that figure, his body trembled, and he was about to lose consciousness. Later he realized that it was Rishi Sai Baba.

The Santhigiri Avadhutha team reached Kotithookki Hill and meditated for a while. They prayed and meditated at that holy place where the Guru had darshan. Chanting Guru Mantras the Yatris came down the mountain. A local person Santosh recalled how the Guru gave at least a handful of food to those who came hungry. The Avadhutha group returned from there remembering Guru’s great penance and compassion.

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