MNCs in Gurugram  preferred to continue Work From Home even if the govt plans to lift the lockdown on 14th April 2020


Vivek P V, Gurugram

Gurugram : Major MNCs like RBS India, Deloitte, etc having its  offices at Gurugram , one of the  Major Cyber hubs  of India,have decided to extend the work from home option till the end of April 2020  .The spokespersons of many organisations  said that   there is a significant improvement in employee productivity  when the staff don’t have to travel for 1.5-2 hours each way to reach their offices and can accomplish their tasks remotely. Therefore the companies have plans to continue  the work from home facility in the future as well.
If the new model is implemented successfully that would help to improve the Air Quality Index in Delhi and NCR due to reduction in vehicles on the road, reduced traffic jams, decrease the load on Public transportation systems and people will be able to improve their bonding between the family members.

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