Santhigiri Avadhutha Sangham at Shankhu Mukham Beach


Thiruvananthapuram: The Avadhutha Sangham of Santhigiri Ashram reached Shankhu Mukham beach on Wednesday evening and performed prayers and meditations. People on the beach were surprised to see saffron-clad sannyasins, white-clad brahmacharins, and householders on the beach at dusk. Shankhu Mukham Beach comes in the circuit of the Founder Guru’s Avadhuth.

Ashram General Secretary Swami Gururatnam Jnana Thapaswi explained to the pilgrims about the unbreakable connection between the Guru and Shankhu Mukham beach. The Guru’s spiritual quest was not confined to Shivagiri. His journey to find a guru ended when he met Qureshi Fakir, alias Pattani Swami. The Swami said that it was the Avadhuth of Guru through extreme self-sacrifices that led to the establishment of Pothencode Santhigiri Ashram.


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