Panic rush on NORKA


More than one lakh Non-Resident Keralites (NRKs) have reportedly enrolled on Non-Resident Keralites .after it began the registration process for bringing back people from various countries on Sunday. As expected, a majority of the applicants were from the United Arab Emirates. As many as 45,430 which accounted for 45 per cent of the total applications so far, were from Dubai,followed by 11,668 from Qatar, 11,365 Saudi Arabia, 6,350 from Kuwait,4,375 from Oman, and 2,092 from Bahrain..

Only 321 people from the United States have evinced their interest in coming back despite the exponential rise in the number of COVID cases. US recorded 960,000 cases on Sunday, and the deaths surpassed 54,700.As many as 621 people from the UK and over 100 from Asian countries, including Malaysia and Singapore, too applied for return.

Kerala government has urged the Centre to give preference to people with expired visiting visas, aged, pregnant women, children and critically ill first patients.while screening applications.

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