Santhigiri Sanitizes the Sins in Life. Swami Snehathma Jnana Thapaswi


Pothencode: Swami Snehathma Jnana Thapaswi, Chief of Santhigiri Ashram Palakkad Area, said that the ritual of washing away the toxins in life is done in Santhigiri. Santhigiri’s work is to purify the life of everyone, from sannyasis to householders. The Swami was delivering his speech on the sixth day of Sathsang as part of Sannyasa Deeksha Varshikam at the Ashram Spiritual Zone Auditorium on 20-10-2023. The following is the gist of the Swami’s speech:

Grihasthashrama and sannyasa are complementary, Sannyasa is the extreme sacrifice and pain that comes when we seek the ultimate good in life, The sannyasis should get rid of Ashtaragas through the ritual of floral offerings. Then Guru removes their pain. Even the scolding, even Guru’s stare is beneficial. Don’t blame anyone. Every householder should aspire to the sacred act of renunciation, the Swami said. During the celebration of the 39th Sannyasa Deeksha Varshikam in the spirit of Navarathri, one should remain prayerful. One should not sleep during prayers and pray even when you are walking. The Swami talked about the importance of Yama Prayer and the methods of prayer. Karma or the Guru’s service should be given importance. People forget the importance of prayer when they are drowning in worldly concerns. The lives of Householders and sannyasis are complementary. Your conduct should protect you. Guru makes the impossible possible. The guardians of Sannyasis should constantly and ceaselessly pray.

R. Mohandas and R. Seema of the Palottukonam unit in the Thiruvananthapuram Rural Area shared their backgrounds and experiences with Guru in the Sathsang. Ashram Advisory Committee Patron (Health Care) Dr. S.S Unni welcomed the gathering, and Mathrumandalam Deputy General Convener Dr. P.A Hemalatha offered a vote of thanks.

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