The Head of JSS Ashram visited Delhi Santhigiri Ashram


New Delhi: The head of Mysore-based JSS Ashram Jagatguru Sri Shivaratri Desikendra Mahaswamiji visited Santhigiri Delhi Branch Ashram in Saket as part of the Santhigiri Silver Jubilee celebrations. JSS Ashram is a spiritual institution with a thousand years of tradition. Jagatguru Sri Shivaratri Desikendra Mahaswamiji is the 24th Acharya in the parampara. JSS has branches all over India including educational institutes and its own university. ) The Acharya reached the Saket Santhigiri Ashram yesterday evening (20-11-2023). After visiting the Silver Jubilee Mandiram, he offered flowers at the Prayer Hall. He spent some time in meditation and participated in the prayers. He also spoke at the family meeting of the Delhi devotees. He recalled the long relationship between Santhigiri Ashram and his institution. Santhigiri Ashram General Secretary Swami Gururatnam Jnana Thapasvi felicitated him. Swami Snehatma Jnana Thapaswi, Swami Bhaktathan Jnana Thapasvi, and Janani Pooja Jnana Thapaswini were present. Various cultural programs were staged in the Family Meeting.

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